05 September 2009

I <3 AADC!!!!!!

hey ppl, well today i'm not going anywhere -_-
bcoz all my cars is disappearing (i don't know where it is)
so, i decided to watched AADC (ada apa dengan cinta) in youtube i don't have the dvd HEHE

* I really love this movie, a never boring movie :)

the movie is so darn f-good!!!!! i had watch it like 5 times, and i always cried -_-
uuuuh gue nangis waktu rangga sama cinta mau pisah gitu :'( (even they were kissing h0h0 -still crying)
i have an experiment, guys

this is nicholas saputra (as rangga) in AADC the movie

*the movie released when i was in 3th grade :p

And this is nicholas saputra in 2009!!!!! (it means NOW!)

*orang jantungan langsung sakaratul maut ngeliatnya...........aoh :3

Nicholas Saputra is really a ganteng man.
I just realized that, tho. i know I'm so left behind -_-

so, today i was spending my time watched AADC in youtube.
it is worth it, isn't it?